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Magnum Wines and Spirits is the major wines and spirits importer and distributor in Malaysia. Founded in 1998,  we are well- known for carrying premium spirits, branded champagne and fine wines from different parts of the world. Magnum Wines offers a wide range of carefully selected global brands, which exceeds price-point expectation.
Magnum Wines consists of a dedicated team that is well equipped with product knowledge, which is ready to bring forward the brands they represent to the market. Nonetheless, we are also furnished with state of the art storage environment in order to maintain the quality of the wine and present it in its full potential/ best condition to the market. 
We are always seeking for opportunities to expand our company’s portfolio, venturing into new products and we always welcome new alliances. Lastly, we are dedicated to brand building and gaining brand recognition in the market.


Continue to be the market leader in the wine division of the beverage industry. To do so, we will deliver additional value to the brands we represent through exceptional solutions and superior in market execution of our sales and marketing programs throughout Malaysia. Thus, result is obtaining respect within different segments of trade.

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We are committed to providing excellent quality and value for money products. We emphasise on building and strengthening the brand image and obtaining full distribution. Magnum Wines will maintain its unwavering commitment in pushing the limits of excellence in wine selection and service.



Datuk Gwee Sze Kiat  (GSK), who assumes the post of Managing Director, is the founder of Magnum Wines and Spirits. He is a diligent and ambitious businessman, building his way up from the scratch. It was a very rough ride all the way but his persistence and perseverance paid off. Despite his achievements, GSK prefers to keep a low profile and continues to devote most of his time to the Company, focusing on ways and means to further improve the business.
During his younger days, GSK has already developed a love for food. His passion in fine dining and food pairing has earned him the respect of the local community, including the Chinese media, who even invited him to share his knowledge and experience with their readers.
Prior to establishing MHSB, GSK started to involve himself in the food business since 1992, importing foodstuffs from the US. Six years later, he expanded his scope of business by importing wines from Australia and France. By 2001, GSK took a leap further when he started to distribute spirits and expanded his portfolio to become a major importer and distributor of wines and spirits in Malaysia.

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